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Domaine de la Chaurie is a popular wild bird shooting UK-based enterprise owned by a French family. Since launching, this hunting and expedition consultancy has continued to grow by astonishing leaps. That’s mostly because of the superb work they’ve done in setting up impressive premises that offer a unique outdoor hunting experience that is both safe and cost competitive.

Hunting birds is a thrilling ordeal that has been a part and parcel of our existence and evolution for millennia. This adrenaline-releasing activity always leaves you, the hunters, feeling re-energized and inspired. With the right tools and with the right help, you’ll have the absolute best time of your life hunting birds such as woodcock, cock pheasants, coot or moorhen, the Red-legged Partridge. If you’re in luck, then you might even get a rare opportunity of shooting down ducks in mid-flight while on the Domaine de la Chaurie’s vast estate.

Bird Hunting Calendar

Here at, Domaine de la Chaurie we perfectly understand how important it is to follow the rules and the laws governing wild birds hunting. Failure to adhere to the legislation covering these birds is a sure prerequisite for welcoming trouble. Our company has direct contact with the leading hunting authority figures and organizations. That’s why you’ll see our hunting calendars depicting only certain birds in the various months of the year.

Meet our Staff

Our highly proficient staff has more than what it takes to deliver the best shooting experience. They take you through all the essential rules about how to properly handle yourself while armed with the weapons. That advice ought to be enough to keep you and the other hunters on the premises absolutely safe and sound, always. Hunters are also provided with special clothing and other related gear to help enhance their safety on the wild bird shooting expedition.

Hunting Dogs Provided

Our company is also concerned about your all-important wild bird hunting dog. It is for that reason that we’ve introduced services like gundog training, insurance, breeding, testing, and treating. What’s more, customers at Domaine de la Chaurie receive valuable assistance on the best rifles, guns or ammunition to purchase. If you also require your air rifles or shotguns maintained and serviced, then look no further than at our accredited shooting firm in the UK.

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Domaine de la Chaurie’s estates are spread out on acres upon acres of scenic landscapes filled with tantalizing fresh air. That rich tapestry and backdrop works wonders to your soul and you’ll most certainly never want to leave. Visit our official web page and learn more about our award-winning shooting company, for instance, the day’s we remain open and when we are closed and about the birds that you are currently banned from sports hunting. On our official website, you’ll also gain useful pointers on how to improve your wild bird hunting skills. Reach out to our sales and booking agents and stand a marvelous chance of walking away with countless amazing deals and other goodies just for being a loyal customer.

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