Domaine del a Chaurie provides different exclusive services for groups and companies. Especially the team activity clay shooting is one of the most desired requests. We often organize customized group activities in order to provide an unique outdoor experience for our visitors. Since our manager has worked in the online casino industry, most of the participating groups are active in related markets. We have seen many online gambling companies visiting our property in order to learn more about clay shooting and join all of our fun activities. Recently an online trading company had their yearly anniversary and booked a clay shooting activity for their staff in order to celebrate. This group of twenty people really had a great time during this day and even made progress along the way. They were not interested in shooting pigeons, but wanted to improve their shooting skills on disc propelled shot up in the air, better known as clay shooting.

During this exciting day the staff learned to master the basics of this interesting sport together with an experienced shooting tutor. The tutors and equipment for this outdoor activity are all included in the price, which makes it very easy for groups to immediately start practicing. Besides the equipment, Domaine del a Chaurie prepared a delicious lunch including sandwiches, water and fresh juices. At the end of a long day shooting, the team of this online trader left our property with a lot of excitement and additional knowledge. When the group told us that they would really recommended our activity to others, we didn’t realized that they were planning to write a review about us. A month later the Avatrade review about Domaine del a Chaurie was published in the newspaper! The online trading company rated us in a very positive way and even motivated other teams to book their next outdoor activity at our shooting estate.

The Avatrade review resulted in hundreds of new bookings at our estates! Every company in the area wanted to try out one of our outdoor activities and the amount of reservations were increasing everyday. We even expanded our team of tutors in order to keep up with the schedule and daily planning. Besides the tutors, we also expanded the inventory of our equipment. Thankfully, the different estates at Domaine del a Chaurie were big enough to accept all the new bookings. After a few month the hype of clay shooting dropped a little bit, but our business is still growing. We even consider to buy more estates in the area. With this extra space we will be able to launch a new idea and exciting new concept for our shooters! Our property will be bigger, better, more fun and a lot of new activities will be added to our daily services. We can’t tell you all the specific details yet, but it’s going to be a real game-changer! If it wasn’t for the avatrade review, we wouldn’t be in this growing process. We would like to thank the online trader for making this idea possible.