Excellent Advice and Guidance on Pigeon Shooting

Pigeon shooting is a favorite pass time activity enjoyed by thousands of Britons today. In as much as this sport is exhilarating, it also comes with several risks that ought to be avoided, always. After all, this hobby relies heavily on the use of a powerful rifle, as the name aptly implies.

Fortunately for hunting lovers, however, all the correct info and data we’ll ever need to know about clay pigeon shooting is freely available on the amazing World Wide Web. Here are some useful pieces of advice and ideas to enable you to transform from a rookie into a super successful pigeon shooter in record-breaking time.


A clay pigeon shooting company is only as good as its overall reputation and ratings. The best thing about the pigeon shooting niche is that the members are often a close-knit society. Therefore, you’ll just need to get in touch with one or two persons who regularly escape to the countryside during the weekends to hunt wild birds and you’re as good as done.


Handling the high caliber weapons calls on the hunter to be eternally vigilant and cautious. One little slip and you put not just yourself in grave danger, but you also risk endangering the lives of your fellow hunting troupe. Folks are encouraged to pay heed to the counsel from their selected instructors to avoid any incidents and mishaps.

Protective Gear

For an incident-free experience, you are reminded to suit up with the proper boots and camouflaging apparel during the shooting ordeal. Hunters are supposed to wear ear mufflers to protect their ears from the adverse effects of the shooting activity.


Pigeon hunting is a strictly regulated practice and you’ll require to always stay informed on the latest developments. According to shootinigUK.co.UK, the ideal season for hunting pigeons is during the winter. In winter farmers are more than welcoming to hunters as they need all they can get to keep down the population of the pesky birds. Always take out a permit with the local authorities before you start approaching the farmers for their blessings to shoot in their lands.


Sometimes, hunters end up spending entire days on the vast estates as they hunt down the wild birds. It’s, therefore, a splendid move for you to bring along plenty of drinking beverages to keep you hydrated. You can also pack some snacks like burgers and sandwiches to keep your glucose and energy levels up and running.