Great Advice to Help Improve your Clay Shooting Skills

Clay shooting is a remarkably exciting outdoor activity that’s quickly gaining traction and popularity across the world. Drive along the British countryside, especially over the weekends and you’re sure to notice all the newly opened clay shooting estates along the highways. These premises get flooded by urbanites whose sole wish is to escape the hectic bustle of the cities. Clay shooting basically involves the shooters taking aim of a disc propelled shot up in the air at high velocities by either a machine or by hand. That is in stark contrast with the popularly held belief that the activity involves shooting down real birds. Here are a few poignant tips and advice to help you steadily up your shooting game.


Practice, practice and more practice is key to perfecting your clay shooting skills. Without making a concerted effort to improve your handling of the preferred rifle or weapon, you’ll not have the best of times in the countryside. It feels horrible if everyone else constantly hits their marks and you keep on missing your clay targets.

Professional Help

In as much as it pays huge rewards to practice always, there’s so much you can achieve on your own. You require to partner up with a veteran clay shooting instructor to help you master the basics of this interesting sport above all else. To land an exceptional clay shooting instructor isn’t that hard of a process. You’ll just require using referrals and recommendations to connect with a listed clay shooting tutor. An ideal clay shooting tutor ought to have excellent communication skills.


To become a pro clay shooter, you have to be genuinely interested in the game. A passionate person always finds the time to research on content about how one improves their shooting game. The net is full of excellent resource videos outlining every aspect you’ll ever need to know how to align and steady up the rifle on your shoulders for a perfect aim and so much more.

Right Hunting Gear

As a beginner to clay shooting, you’ll need to set aside some finances to cater to the equipment and other charges incurred along the way. Although many shooting estates offer their customers with almost all the essential gear and equipment needed for a safe and secure hunting expedition, some people opt to have their own stuff. Either way, always insist on selecting the latest rifles, ammo and other safety gear for outstanding results on the hunt.