In a previous article on the website of Domaine del a Chaurie we explained the current process of our increasing growth. The growth started suddenly after one of our biggest clients wrote a review about Domaine del a Chaurie in one of the most popular newspapers. Since then, the company experienced an increase in scale of bookings, phone calls and visitors. Eventually the hype dropped with a few percentages and it was then that we decided to expand our business. The manager of Domaine del a Chaurie, Peter Williams, always had a dream to start his own shooting tournament where highly-skilled teams are able to compete and even win big money prizes. He first needed to find a sponsor that was willing to invest in this particular dream. After the publication of the review, Peter received a call from Jack Miller, CEO at Metatrader4. Mr Miller proposed a sponsorship deal, based on the vision of Peter.

Metatrader4 is a successful online trading company with a passion for team building. Last year, the team of Metatrader4 joined one of our clay shooting workshops. Mr Miller turned out to be very excited about our company, but also about our property. He once said that our estate had potential to grow even more, but without any investment or sponsorship we weren’t able to turn that idea into reality. For almost a year Mr Miller and Peter didn’t spoke, not because they were not interested, but more because they were both very busy with managing their businesses. Mr Miller had read the review in the newspaper and that was the moment that he decided to act on his previous ideas. Mr Miller proposed a sponsorship deal over the phone and Jack immediately said yes!

The plan is to buy more estates around the main shooting area in order to expand the property. At this very moment Jack is negotiating with the owners of the estates, who are also very interested in this particular deal. Besides expanding the property, Metatrader4 will also sponsor extra equipment and materials that are needed to supply all contestants during the tournament. The tournament will take place by the end of this year and everybody is looking forward to it. The goal of the event is to bring shooting enthusiasts together as one community. The tournament is open for everybody with a passion for shooting and everybody is able to sign up for the competition. Domaine del a Chaurie will provide all participants with the right products and materials. We will provide weapons, special gear, ammunition and other necessary equipment that is needed.

We would like to thank Mr Miller and Metatrader4 for the sponsorship, but also for the faith and trust in us as a growing company. Without this sponsorship we weren’t able to pursue our dreams and expand our business in a surprising new way. This will only be a new chapter of Domaine del a Chaurie and just thinking about it really got us excited! We can’t wait to try out our new concepts, ideas and are looking forward to meet everyone on the tournament. Details about the competition will soon be released on our website. Stay tuned for more information!