We often welcome curious visitors at our premises, people who have never touched a gun before in their life and are rather scared of how to handle a firearm let alone shoot a living creature. That is why we thought it is time that we write this article and let all visitors of our website know, that it is totally alright if you are over-careful and unsecure. When you come to us you can be sure that safety is a top priority for us and we have clear rules on how to handle guns on our properties. Should you decide to spend your win from an online casino bonus right here at Domain de la Chaurie we will guide you through everything, step by step. Here in the UK, the great sport of clay shooting is incredibly popular and if you have been unsuccessful so far, maybe one of our instructors can help you improve your skills.

Clay shooting is not as easy and simple as it might look on TV and the timing is very important. We had several groups with employees of online casinos recently and they said that using the free spins of an online casino bonus is somewhat similar to clay shooting. Apparently, the timing is everything during those games as well. Our certified instructors will help you to learn how to take aim and when to switch off the safety of your rifle. For this process, you only have a few seconds before the clay hits the ground and you might fail to hit your target, especially during your first few shoots. It takes practice and passion to learn how to be a successful clay shooter but the good news is that literally everyone can learn how to shot that small disk. If you show the same passion for learning than you do when you use your online casino bonus, you will be fine.

Another thing you do not have to worry about when you choose Domain de la Chaurie is the shooting equipment. There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune in buying the gear you need just to find out that the sport might not be your cup of tea after all. We offer full-service packages that include everything you need from the safety goggles to gloves, hearing protection and of course your rifle and your ammunition. If you plan to go out as a group to hunt some live game with your coworkers of your online casino, we even provide the hunting dogs that will fetch your birds and bring them to you. You can consider this our bonus which is indeed very similar to the online casino bonus you guys are granting your customers.

As you can see, it does not matter at all if you are a seasoned veteran who likes the occasional hunt or someone who never laid hands on a rifle before, here at Domain de la Chaurie we have everything you need so that you will have a great time and create unforgettable memories.