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Clay pigeon shooting is without a doubt one of the most rewarding and inspiring hobbies or pastime activities you can engage in. This outdoor sport helps to connect you with other fun-loving folks who also share a passion for marksmanship. If you live in Britain and its surrounding cities, then you’ll definitely need to come down and visit our expansive hunting estates.

Our Friendly Staff

Our company has earned a top reputation for its timely pigeon shooting services that include, us providing our customers with the necessary ammo, rifles and other critical safety gear recommended for outdoor hunters. At our facilities, your safety is almost always guaranteed thanks to our highly trained and friendly shooting instructors.


We are family owned and managed business that always endears to offer its customers nothing short of the best quality. Our founders have held on strong to the renowned hospitality skills espoused by their native French people. If you so wish, you can make special requests for instance, to go out hunting solo or to have specific food and drinks prepared and packed for you and your hunting entourage. It’s also possible for you and your group to organize for accommodation at the estate.

Our Rates

Here at, Domaine de la Chaurie, we are always in touch with the relevant hunting organizations running this industry. This association makes it possible for us to know the birds we are supposed to keep away from and the ones are free to hunt. For those who might be a bit concerned about the rates for our outstanding services, let it be known that our company stands out for offering some of the most competitive services and discount packages for pigeon hunters in the entire nation.

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