As we mentioned earlier on our website, Domaine de la Chaurie is offering special group activities for people that are working for online casinos. Peter Williams, manager of Domaine de la Chaurie has builded up a wide network regarding to the online gambling industry since he left his previous employer. Peter always maintained a big passion for online casinos and often visits the casinos he likes the most. This is why he developed a special group activity for people that are working in this particular industry. The group activity is based on a fun program that will last the entire day. This outdoor activity helps to connect the team by sharing the same passion for marksmanship. Together with our highly trained and friendly instructors, companies will be focusing on team building by working together. Domaine de la Chaurie will provide the team of the necessary ammo, rifles and safety gear, so it’s not necessary to bring your own equipment to the hunting estate.

The first company that participated our group activity program is Welkomstbonussen Bij Betsson, a Dutch gambling company based in Amsterdam. As a part of their trip to a big gambling conference in Britain, they wanted to book an activity that would keep them busy for an entire day. Domaine de la Chaurie received a request from a very good friend of the company, who wanted to book a customized group activity at our hunting estates. Together with Welkomstbonussen Bij Slotty Vegas, we developed a customized program that would fit their interest. One of their special requests was to have specific food and drinks prepared by us, so that they were able to bring it with them while hunting. We prepared packed sandwiches and water bottles, that made it very easy and light to carry around in backpacks. The hunting entourage started at 7 am from our office and ended around 4 pm. We made sure that there would be enough drinks and meals waiting for the hunters after they got back in the office. Welkomstbonussen Bij Betsson booked an accommodation at our estate for the night, so that the staff could relax a bit after this trip before heading back to the city.

The group activity was a big success and everybody had a great time while clay shooting on our estate. This is why we at Domaine de la Chaurie decided to continue with the group packages for online casinos and gambling related companies. If you happen to work at an online casino and are interested in this customized group activity, you should definitely contact our office in order to discuss all the possibilities. You can choose for pigeon shooting, clay shooting or other activities to improve your shooting skills. Especially for groups that are planning their yearly gambling conference visit in Britain, this program would be the right fit. Improve your clay pigeon shooting skills today and book your group visit right now! Domaine de la Chaurie will guarantee a safe and wonderful wild bird shooting experience for you and your team.