Group Activities at Domaine de la Chaurie

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As most of you already know Domaine de la Chaurie is a famous wild bird shooting UK-based enterprise owned by a French family. Since launching, this hunting and expedition consultancy has continued to grow. That’s mostly because of the superb work they’ve done in setting up impressive premises that offer a unique outdoor hunting experience that is both safe and cost competitive.

One of the owners also works at one a UK online casino company. This you can also notice when you enter the premises. You will notice 10 computers in the front area where you get the ability to play online casinos. In de past he organized activities for his company and saw how much fun it was. Therefore, we will write a short article about how you can organize this too.

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But for example online casino nederland and nederlandse online casinos met free spins are not a good choice because it is not fully legalized yet. But thankfully the others are. So come by and host your own company activity. It will definitely by advantouries, fun and also educational. Domaine de la Chaurie has it all!